One of the best packages that will be good for your holiday in Fullerton Hotel is Luxury Escape at the Bay. This package is a good plan for two guests. If you want to make a memorable holiday with your spouse or partner, you can take this promo. The room is 45.0 sqm large. There are many facilities you can get there.

Some Benefits of Luxury Escape at the Bay Package

This package will allow you to stay in a luxurious room with a view of Singapore from the balcony. There is a balcony or terrace on the side of the room. You can see it from your king bed by opening the window. Indeed, the king bed is marvelous and comfortable for two adults. Some honeymoon couples take this package to feel the sweetness of staycation in Singapore.

Near the bedroom, there is a place to wash your hands. Next to the spot, you can see the toilet. An in-room bathroom is a must for couples, and this hotel will give you more. You can take a bath in the shower or bathtub. Not only that, many things can you do like cleaning yourself after swimming or going to the gym.

This eligible for SingapoRediscovers Vouchers package is recommended not only for leisure travelers but also for business travelers. The room is good for you to take some break. But this space is also recommended if you are on a business trip. Maybe you need some working space, and this room has a working desk near the bed. So, that will be so good for you to work in this calm atmosphere.

Many Activities That Is Good for Couple

What do you like to do when you are with your spouse or partner? Do you like to swim or eat delicious food? If you do, go to the restaurant and you will see many different kinds of menus. Such as the Malay menu, Indian menu, and European menus. They are very various and you can choose whatever you want to eat. Much healthy food like fruits and juice will be served. Not only the menu, but the atmosphere in the restaurant is also good.

Some people like the onion soup in this hotel. Some others like escargots, satay, or Hainanese chicken rice. If you go to this hotel with the kids, there are some menus that they may like. For example chicky plater, little mermaid menu, captain carbo, and also spaghetti.

Are you a vegan? If you are a vegan, you can choose some vegetarian foods. For example impossible burger, vegetarian fried rice, and spaghetti napotalina. There are some healthy foods there and you can choose them simply.

So, do you want to take this package to Fullerton Hotel? If you do, claim the voucher as soon as possible. You will pay less and get the same benefit in this package. Do not worry to bring kids because this hotel is very friendly to the children.

By Drajad